About us

Welcome to Casa Bonita Home Furnishings!

Since our inception over 18 years ago, Casa Bonita has proudly upheld a reputation for delivering a superior range of furniture products. Our offerings epitomize unique designs and finishes, meticulously crafted in our dedicated manufacturing facilities nestled in Peru. Alongside our comprehensive product collections, we offer tailored manufacturing services to clients with specific design requirements.

At Casa Bonita, each product is a testament to artisanal excellence. Our skilled Peruvian artisans, not machines, meticulously handcraft and hand-paint every piece, infusing them with character and distinction. Their mastery spans every phase of production, from shaping raw materials to precision construction and fitment. The finishing touch involves the expert application of paints and lacquers, resulting in exquisite final pieces that stand the test of time. Our products embody uniqueness and durability, making them a cherished addition to any space.