SKU: CB07-BU-049

Introducing the Montero Buffet, a bold and rugged addition to your home decor that exudes strength and character. Crafted from robust dark wood, this buffet embodies a strong and masculine aesthetic, perfect for those with a taste for western-inspired design.

With its distressed finish, the Montero Buffet showcases the natural beauty of the wood while adding a rugged charm that evokes the spirit of the American frontier. The weathered look lends authenticity to its western style, creating a timeless piece that exudes character and individuality.

Practical as well as stylish, the Montero Buffet offers ample storage space for your dining essentials, making it ideal for both everyday use and entertaining guests. Its sturdy construction ensures durability and longevity, while its rustic charm adds warmth and personality to any room.

Whether placed in the dining room, living area, or even a man cave, the Montero Buffet makes a bold statement with its strong and masculine presence. Elevate your home decor with this distinctive piece that captures the essence of the wild west.

  • Dimensions
  • 85.5"W X 22" D X 41" H

  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • 1


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